About us

This section will inform you a little more about your hosts in Jodhpur, the Devraj Rathores of Setrawa:

We – this is “Mumy”, Govind Singh Rathore and his wife Mukta Kumari with their son Ayushraj and baby girl Harinakshi Kumari, and our cousin Bunty, some chirping birds and some very nice people helping us with our daily work.

It's a tradition that one son from the family in the Thar desert should go and work outside home to financially support the family survive - particularly when there are bad conditions of drought (most people in western part of Rajasthan depended on agriculture) and unexpected epidemics. In the early 1940's our grandfather was one of 6 brothers who was chosen to leave the village and work to fulfill the needs of the family whenever they were in need.

Grandpa moved from the desert village of Setrawa to Jodhpur and in 1960’s he bought a piece of land from the former Maharaja of Jodhpur. He built the (Setrawa House) bungalow number 1 which is situated at the Old Public Park Lane. Our father Kr. Surendra Singh established Durag Niwas on this site in 1990 in the name of our grandpa Captain Th. Durag Singh Rathore.

Our parents Kr. Surendra S. Rathore + Badan Kanwar

Govind and Mumy

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