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Come and experience a peaceful, relaxing and comfortable stay in one of our Rajasthani cottages near the village of Setrawa in the Thar desert area. Setrawa is 103km west of Jodhpur and 200km east of Jaisalmer and is a village of 4000 inhabitants. The cottages are situated in a tiny hamlet 7km away, in an area of semi-arid land, predominantly sand and are circular with thatched roofs just as they are built locally. Our grandparents lived in Setrawa for many years before moving to Jodhpur and we still have a firm attachment to this area, which is still regarded as ‘home’.

This is a place for nature-lovers who would perhaps like to take a break during their travels in India. There are always peacocks in the village and camels will roam around the landscape as well as Chinkara deers. You will be able to have an entirely peaceful experience away from the hustle and bustle of the towns, gaze at the wonderful starlit skies at night and feel the tranquillity and calm of this area

You will have delicious meals cooked by relatives of the Rathore family who live close-by. You will be able to watch how the meals are prepared should you wish to learn more about Rajasthani cooking, but mainly this is a place to chill-out for a few days, read books, write, paint or pursue your own interests. You may like to take a ride on a camel or a camel cart to sand dunes.

It will be open exclusively to guests reserving through an email or phone call.

Additionally to our guest rooms we also provide simple single and twin rooms for volunteers of nearby operating centres of the NGO Sambhali Trust.

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A 2 hour camel ride, a 2 hour camel cart ride, transportation by car to and from Jodhpur, three warm meals, water, refreshments (seasonal fruits and cookies) for 3500 Rs per person per day.

If you plan to stay longer the prices can be negotiated.
Minimum of two people

"Accompanied by Govind Singh Rathore we left the blue city of Jodhpur and drove for 2 hours through ‘classic’ Rajasthani countryside with small towns along the way amidst large stretches of seemingly empty desert, to Setrawa, a small village nestled in the Thar Desert. We explored the area on foot and I enjoyed the slower pace of rural life after the hustle and bustle of the big city of Jodhpur I had experienced so far. There was so much to see - traditional village houses and compounds, spinning wheels, brightly dressed women carrying water pitchers, farm house activities, shepherds in traditional Rajasthani dress, camel herds, wild life, familiarisation with nature, golden sand dunes as well as visiting the local charitable projects run by the Sambhali Trust to educate and empower the local Dalit women and children. We took a camel safari out into the dunes, deep into the desert. The local cameleers are great guides. We visited a beautiful traditional compound home and met a local family. At dusk we lit a fire, sat under the stars and ate a simple vegetarian thali, chapattis and buffalo yoghurt. Govind is so passionate about his land and we talked for hours.

For me, of course, a vivid and different experience. For Govind and his family another day which has probably changed little in generations.

Sarah H., UK

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